Saturday, August 9, 2008


This is a blog for the St. Mary Cathedral All Class Reunion. The committee for the All Class Reunion

Jim Shea and Stella Mudd Thelen co-chairs
Ann Kerns Shea
Jim Keyes
Carol Newas Moody
Cindy Shea (Jim's Wife)

I am Mary Ellen Shea Clifford, Class of 1970, and I have offered to monitor the blog. This will be a place for memories, posting information about the reunion, asking if you have addresses for people we are still looking for to contact, etc. Have fun looking back on articles from different years - catching up with friends - keeping informed on the activities for the 2nd All Class Reunion.

Is there something special you remember about St. Mary's? Do you have a picture you want posted? Scan it and send it to Mary Ellen.

So - welcome - we look forward to hearing from you!


Jim Shea said...

Thank you Mary Ellen Shea Clifford for the fast action in setting up the St. Mary Cathedral Blogspot. I hope that many, many graduates and friends will share their experiences from their years at St. Mary's.

Jim Shea

Fran said...

I know the reunion will be great....I couldn't be anything less with Jim running things. Hope I can make it...but this family and weddings are starting to take over my life.

Stella Mudd Thelen said...

I hope everyone who wants to come will be able to make it to the Reunion, and I look forward to seeing my classmates especially, since we have not had a reunion in a long time. I happen to have a nun's outfit that belongs to Teresa Caulfield and I may even wear it! Stella Mudd Thelen

Ray Czaja said...

Hi Everyone
I am looking forward to the next reunion. The last one was great. I have made several re-contacts over the last couple of years and realize how important our friendships were. I will post a few pics if I can figure our how to do that. See you all next year!
Ray Czaja

barb said...

Mary Ellen,
You are so organized! I remember the last all school reunion when I found out that my daugher who was attending Aquinas College, had Sr. John Thomas as a teacher there....and worse yet...she looked just as young as she did when WE went to SMC! Not fair!
Barb Metevia Sharma

jane said...

Hi Barb! We met Sr. John Thomas at Aquinas when we attended my daughter Elizabeth's graduation. You're right - has she aged at all???

Jane Shea Noble

Jim Shea said...
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Mary Green Herzog said...

Mary Ellen, this is Mary (Green) Herzog class of 59 and fellow civic center employee. I had so much fun at the last all year reunion am looking forward to the upcoming one.

mesc said...

Hi Mary - I had a great time too - can't wait to see you and catch up with you! Mary Ellen

Mike said...

The Holly Schwind Memorial Golf Outing will take place at Swan Valley Golf Course on August 9, 2008 @ 9:00 am. This outing benefits a scholarship at Nouvel Catholic Central High School. For more information contact me at or 989-295-8371.

Mike Clark

mesc said...

Hi Mike - glad to see you on here! If you want to have a flyer for the golf outing on the blog send one to me:

Mary Ellen Shea Clifford
927 Malzahn
Saginaw, MI 48602

or email one to:

Tania said...

I was looking at the names and was wondering if Jim's wife Cindy is the same person who taught at St. Mary's late 70's early 80's-ish?

Cindyshea said...

Hi Tania - Yes, I'm the one that was teaching there in the early 80's. I taught Religion class - What is your name?

Missy (Sny) said...

Hi Everyone!
I am looking forward to attending the 2008 reunion. I live in Florida now. I have lived here in Sebasian area since 1983. I graduated in 1978.
See you all soon.
Missy (Sny) Douglass

Kathy said...

I enjoyed the last reunion and hope to see my classmates from 52 and friends from 51 at the reunion.
Also get with the blogs and let's hear from the classmates of 1952
Kathy Kocks Sisk

fbcoach22 said...

I also had Mrs. Shea for Religion. I graduated in '83-Dennis Andrews.

Mellissa said...

Hi everyone,
I was just so sad when I saw the pictures of the demolition of our School. It will definately be sad when I get there to the church for Mass on August 9th.
Is anyone else from the class of 78 visiting this blog site?
Missy (Sny) Douglass