Monday, March 28, 2011

Sr. James Farewell to Home and School 1961

St. Mary Cathedral School

Sunday, June 25, 1961

Dear “Home-and-Schoolers”:

At last I am getting to the point where I can attempt the message that should have reached you long ago, and yet, now that I do attempt it, what can I say except that there do be times when words are totally inadequate to express what one thinks and feels, and this is one of them. You have overwhelmed me with gifts and kindnesses; you have more than cooperated in every venture initiated by either grade or high school; you have shown an intelligent and ardent interest in everything that concerned the school of the future as well as of today; you have spared yourselves no effort, no sacrifice, no hard work, to be present and active whenever there was anything to be done. What more could any school administration ask? I only hope that my successor will realize right from the first what a treasure of support she has to call on in your organization.

The financial assistance rendered to the school has been no small consideration; yet more important to me has been the spirit in which the help has been given: what the school, the Sisters, or the children needed, that they will have. You knew we could not always be right, yet you accepted our suggestions and acceded to our requests. All this, in an atmosphere of friendly though spirited discussion of all phases of education and our concerns about children.

The Home and School Association has been one of the brightest spots in my six years at St. Mary’s. All I can say now is “Thanks!” and “Carry on!”


Sister M. James O.P.

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