Saturday, April 5, 2008

Flavia's Final Quest - 1954

Flavia's Final Quest, presented by the Sophomores, represents a group of Roman dancers, Three Kings, and Nativity scene.

The play revolved around the young Roman girl, Flavia, of Herod's Court. Led by the same star which guided the wise men from the East, Flavia journeyed to Bethlehem in search of the Christ child.

Featured in the play were two solos, "O, Little Town of Bethlehem," and "O, Holy Night," sung by Sally Ward and Otto Kahler. Pat Karl served as narrator of the play.

The entertainment was presented before the members of St. Mary's P.T.O. at their Christmas meeting.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Open House - 1971

Top Left: Martha Kelly, Mary Dupuis and Kathy Koviac consider English electives; Top Center: Pam Killen checks her class schedule; Top Right: Matt Solak, Mike Zielinski and Rick Herm solve registration problems. Center Left: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kilts and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lepeak recall high school memories; Lower Center Left: Sr. Roch accepts St. Mary's new flag from a Veteran; Bottom Left: The Raymond Deal family enjoys the work of the new art department. Top Center Right: Jean Harris, senior, gives her mother a conducted tour at Open House; Bottom Center Right: The Ray McEachin family view the production copy of a COURIER; Bottom Right: Debbie Dyczewski prepares for her TB test while Patti Polzin happily awaits her turn.

Saint Mary Cathedral opened its doors as usual in September but to a larger enrollment than ever before. A Special Registration Day was held for students to choose electives in English, art, and homemaking.

An Open House brought students, parents, and faculty together. There were opportunities for parents to visit new departments and to confer with teachers.

Since health is a community concern, as well as an individual one, TB tests were given to seniors and freshmen and all results were negative.

The American Legion promoted patriotism by presenting St. Mary's with several flags for classrooms and outdoors display.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Fall Frolic - 1951

In a whirl of autumn leaves, Juniors of Fall Frolic dance committee enjoy the most successful party of the year. Pictured here are G. Pappas, A. Slaggert, R. LeFleur, G. McGrath, M. Freeheley, G. Miller, M. Glynn

Acolytes - 1961

Senior Knights of the Altar have faithfully assisted the priest throughout the liturgical year. From daily Mass and weddings to solemn feasts and funerals, they have been reliable acolytes. They are (l-r) Walter Pfander, Father Richard Ratajczak, James Shea, Michael Miller, James Kanary, James Walls, Thomas Potts, Robert Herm and Michael Ecarius.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Business is Economics - 1982

Pictured: Troy Smith, Anne Bueche, Mary O'Brien and a presentation on word processing.

Mrs. Olivier taught Typing I, Typing II, and Economics. She commented that her typing students liked typing class. But the Consumer Economics students said it wasn't as much fun as they thought it would be.

According to Dave Becrow, "Economics helps you become a smart shopper."

Joe Sheltraw said, "Typing is a pretty good class, you also learn a lot."

"It comes in handy," commented Beth Gallery.

Economics is required for all seniors in order to graduate. Typing can be taken anytime after your freshman year.

An Historic Year in History - 1975

Class of 1975 "We May Never Pass This Way Again"

Our generation has experienced one of the most historic years ever in our country. The uncovering of Watergate and other political scandals brought on the resignation of first our Vice-President and finally the President; a trauma never before encountered by the American people. It was a history-making '74 that the first Michigan President took office. President Gerald Ford entered at a very difficult time, facing the inflationary problems of America. Numerous shortages of all shapes and sizes brought on a rise in prices, such as in gasoline. The shortage of gas started a chain reaction of lay-offs in the big auto-industrial area of Michigan, bringing unemployment up to its highest level. Students returning to St. Mary's for the 1974-75 school year, found new faces in both the faculty and student body. Also a new principal, Sister Margaret Hillary, filled the vacant position left by Sister Roch. The school year brought on challenges, but united the student body and administration worked together to meet the challenges. 1975: It was a very good year.