Saturday, March 29, 2008

Advertising - A Sign of the Times - 1974

A snapshot of Saginaw in 1974

Twelve GM plants with 23,0000 General Motors People
St. Mary Cathedral Credit Union - soon to be Catholic Federal Credit Union
Edwards - Keeping up with the times with plaids and flowers
Sullivans - One of our own SMC family restaurants

Sodality Expands Under Wise Leadership - 1959

Sodalists gather to observe a day of recollection at Our Lady Queen of Angels Retreat house. Pictured are M. Miller, unit leader; M. Cole, Secretary; G. Frahm; N. Bell, leader; R. Feorowicz and M. Knox, leader.

Striving for sanctity, the Marian way, leaders of Mary's Sodality, crown their Queen at the annual May Crowing. Co-prefect B. Bastien crowns Our Lady while prefect T. Harden, secretary A. Ezop and treasurer T. Smith assist in the ceremony.

Friday, March 28, 2008

"We Fly Our Fashion Standards High." - 1950

Above: Joan Porath, attendant; Margaret McGovern, football queen, Kathaleen Green, attendant.

Many years have gone by with many different fashions and styles. Of all these years, 1950 heads the list. In the fall and winter, the faculty of St. Mary's must have blinked their eyes once or twice when they saw the bright plaid jackets of the boys - the bold green and reds - telling the world of their warmth and comfort. Jim Schaefer is wearing one as he admires Jean Robinette's new dark blue ski-suit with its yoke of sky blue.

The feminine charm of St. Mary's lovely young girls was unmistakable as they glided gracefully through spring and winter formals in modest gowns of swishing taffetas, shining satins, regal velvets, romantic lacey nets, and billowing chiffons. Accompanying these beautiful ladies were St. Mary's boys in stunning dark suits and dignified tuxedos. Here are tow of St. Mary's fashion-wise students. Johanna Mudd wears a lovely chiffon formal while Joseph Dashner wears a dark suit.

It was hard to leave winter and its glamor and fun behind but spring came to our school halls. Our smart students were occasionally appearing in their small-checked suits, their lovely flary soft coats of various hues, the smart short hair cuts of the girls looked as neat and pretty as their new suede and kid shoes. The boys too are style-wise in a comfortable, casual way.

The faculty will probably blink their eyes once or twice again, not in surprise but in sadness. For they know that the seniors of St. Mary's were not only fashion-wise and study-wise, but also Christ-wise. They will miss those plaid coats, those fashion-wise students - those seniors of 1950.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Homecoming Court - 1979

Our Homecoming for the year '79 started out as a spirited week of fun. The activities began October 2-6, spirit week we called it. It hosted a series of competitive events between the different classes, which the Seniors came out victorious. There were such events as a pep rally, hush day, a powder puff football game and a float competition.

The Homecoming game took place at Saginaw High. Our SMC Raiders played host to North Branch and came out on the losing end, as the Bronco's defeated the Raiders 12-6.

At half time our student body received a chance to see SMC's Queen and her Court. The Queen was Olivia Flores and her court as follows: Denise Walker, Angela Powe, Anne Kostrzewa, Trish Schreiber, and Jill Colcher. They were presented again at the dance on October 7, which featured a Disc Jockey from Detroit for our entertainment.

Despite our loss to North Branch, Homecoming 1979 turned out to be a winner.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dedication - Sr. Mary Yvonne - 1955

This looks like the first graders of the class of 1966 - can you identify the children in this picture? If so - Please leave a comment so we can put names to these faces! (I thought the little boy on the right was my brother Larry, however, he wrote to tell me he never remembers wearing a tie to school!)

Twelve years ago Sister Mary Yvonne, O.P. began her arduous task of laying the foundation of Catholic Citizenship in the minds and hearts of St. Mary Cathedral First Grade pupils. Her broad vision caught glimpses of the truth, loyalty, and cultural beauty that must be woven into the fabric of Catholic civic life. Her genial personality captivated us, and soon "her word was law". Gently, but firmly she trained us to direct our desires and ambitions to things noble and good. Her dynamic professional ability insured our progress; her Marylike zeal fostered ideals of happiness to be found only by participation in the Kingdom of God. Her vision - each of us a virile Catholic citizen in our great American Democracy.

As a tribute of gratitude for her vital concern in Catholic Education, and for her continued interest in our behalf throughout the years, we lovingly dedicate the Labarum, our most treasured remembrance of school days, to Sister Mary Yvonne, our First Grade Teacher.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Defense Council in Action - 1942

Standing: Patricia Sullivan, John Lincoln, Harry Kain, Marion Pendell, Bernard Topham, Edward Slaggert. Seated: Rosemary Beckley, Eugene Matthews, Joseph Popecki, Robert Topham, Peter Bommarito.

Education is the first line of defense for the younger generation. The second, buying defense stamps and bonds. But still boys and girls ask, "What can I do?" The boys are too young to fight: both boys and girls are prevented from working in the factories on defense because they are still in school. There are many things that can be done, however; one is to establish a paper and scrap iron drive. Another is to establish a defense council which will cover a multitude of activities.

So, under the direction of the Board of Education, a defense council was established in all high schools throughout the city. The defense council here, in St. Mary consists of thirteen leaders. One was elected chairman and twelve committees were inaugurated. They are: Blackout, Contact, Vigilance, Messenger, Sewing, Map Making, Postermaking, Knitting, Signaling, News Clipping, Stamps, Red Cross.

The Contact and Messenger Committees have not as yet had an opportunity to go into action. The Blackout Committee has made curtains and the school is all set for the order "Lights Out." The Vigilance Committee is on the lookout for all suspicious things - on the ground or in the air. The Sewing Committee helped with the curtains for blackouts. Beautiful and patriotic posters that have been seen on the bulletin boards have been the work of the Postermaking Committee. Several sweaters of all sizes were handed in by the Knitting Committee. An air-raid horn was installed by the Signaling Committee and air-raid drills practiced. The News Clipping Committee has kept the students informed on world events by posting interesting and important items on the bulletin boards. A stamp station is open for business every Wednesday and has sold approximately $2,000 worth of stamps. The Red Cross Committee has conducted several classes in first aid and are ready for any emergency. This is a brief resume of defense activities. Full speed ahead for VICTORY!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Music Recitals - 1945

Above - Joan Hendrick, Marion Pratt, Shirley Maxwell
Below Standing: P. Lechmann, M. Kennedy, N. Humes, P. Gilmore, J. Birney, N. Topham, V.Greene, J. Reimer, J. Clarke, M. Derosier, L. Moskal, J. Clark, P. Collins, L. Ladebauche, J. Brennan. Seated: M. Bradley, G. Doye, J. Zimmerman, V. Pockrandt

St. Mary's School of Music is proud to have three graduates, Shirley Maxwell and Joan Hendrick of St. Mary High School, and Marion Pratt of Arthur Hill. The graduation recital, presented June 1, showed their ability as soloists and in two-piano work in the performance of Beethoven's Concerto in G Major, the first piano parts being done alternately by Miss Hendrick and Miss Maxwell.

Miss Pratt, who is also a gifted soprano, offered several vocal selections. Mr. Ernest Eckerman, M. Mus., baritone, added to the program with several solos. The difficultly and variety of the numbers so effectively executed by the musicians showed the years of work which preceded the Graduation Recital performance.