Saturday, March 8, 2008

The School was 100 Years Old in 1968

Resolution from the State of Michigan

House Resolution No. 281
Offered by Representative O'Neill.

A Resolution for the Centennial of Saint Mary Cathedral High School of Saginaw.

WHEREAS, Saint Mary Cathedral High School, the oldest parochial school in the newest Michigan diocese, the Diocese of Saginaw, celebrates its Centennial, dating from the opening of two classrooms with enrollment of 150 students, on September 2, 1868; and

WHEREAS First served by three Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary from Monroe, Michigan subsequent parish reorganization brought the Saint Mary Academy, then a high school for girls and a grade school for boys and girls, under tutelage of the Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids, whose sixty-one years' dedicated service achieved co-educational status with their 1907 advent and accreditation by The University of Michigan in 1912 and the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools in 1926. The name, Saint Mary High School, became Saint Mary Cathedral High School in 1938 concurrent to the Saginaw diocesan establishment; and

WHEREAS, From a graduating class of two young women in 1879--the only class who was required to qualify in public examination by a mayor, attorney, accountant and another citizen--to the total of 2,209 graduates given to Michigan society through 1967, all trained in moral values, social conduct spiritually-oriented, and the love of country and fellow men founded in Christian principles and recognized throughout the world of men; and

WHEREAS, Recognized for many decades by employers for their superior discipline and attitude, the graduates of parochial schools are inculcated through constancy of purpose and method for focus upon principles of reasoning and judgment, democracy, family virtues, as well as vocational and continuing educational proficiency. The Saint Mary Cathedral High School's newest facility supportive of all these aims is their new library, constructed in 1967 at a cost of $76,000. Athletic, forensics, public service work and achievements and arts and letters are encouraged in excellent programs subordinate to academic progress of each student, and these offer opportunity for the development of well-rounded citizens vital to the republic; now therefore be it

RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, That by these presents tribute is accorded the Saint Mary Cathedral High School to commemorate its first hundred years of service, dedicated to inculcate and foster the qualities of future citizens which have the bulwark of the State of Michigan and America, implementing through service to God the only avenue He inspires and sanctions--service to fellows in brotherhood.

Adopted by the House of Representatives February 27, 1968.

Signed by Thomas Thatcher, Clerk of the House of Representatives.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Closing Notes from the Centennial Yearbook - 1966

It was 1966 - The Cathedral parish was 100 years old - the school a little less (98 Years Old). The closing statement from the Yearbook Staff: One hundred years have passed since Saint Mary's was established as a tiny mission church in the wilderness. During those years she has grown to be not only the heart of her parishioners, but the nucleus of the Saginaw diocese as well.

To commemorate the happenings of these eventful months, the Labarum Staff of 1966 has worked especially hard to compose a book that will keep this momentous occasion alive in the hearts of the people for the years to come. Special thanks are in order to our new advisor, Sister Ann Lucille, whose untiring assistance and store of ideas have helped us meet our numerous deadlines. Our parents, friends, and business patrons have been more than willing to see that our ends meet financially. To Mr. Harold Bosch and Mr. Kenneth Redina, our photographers, we express our deepest thanks.

All in all important jobs that must be done, there are many behind-the-scenes who are never recognized. Our hats are off to all of you for making this publication a success.

Staff members were listed as:

Editor: Donna Zacharias; Business Manager:Martha Meyers; Associate Editors: Academics: Donna Zacharias, Rachel Ontiveros, Susan Melvin; Theme: Kathy Stevens; Athletics: Pat Knox, Gary Packard; Seniors: Sheilah Hendrick, Marlene Percy; Activities: Jean Swinton; Photographer: Stephen Hansen; Art Editor: Robert Leslie; Copy Editors: Donna Zacharias, Jean Swinton, Pat Knox, Kathy Stevens, Marlene Percy, Sheilah Hendrick; Junior Assistant: James Cichowski, Faculty Advisor: Sister Ann Lucille; High Salesman: Ruth Radziewicz; Special Photography: Bosch Studio.