Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bosch Studio - Class of 1947

I remember going for my class picture at Bosch Studio on Hamilton Street. It was a very formal event - we sat straight on the stool in a few different poses. We couldn't wait to get those pictures back to exchange the wallet sized ones with our friends and of course both Grandma Brandi and Grandma Shea needed a 5x7 and Mom wanted the 8x10.

Flash forward to my daughters' picture days. There was nothing formal about it. I can truthfully say that both those days were favorite memories. They each had four outfits to change into - 45 photos were taken inside and outside. By a barn door, sitting on a rock, all dressed up standing by a column.

Flash forward to grandchildren - they now get everything on a CD - lots of pictures to choose from - they can print off any extras they want.

Even though the technology has changed - the way you feel that you have "come of age" that graduation is just around the corner. That you really are going out into the world. It is a rite of passage. One that is time honored and appreciated by all.

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