Sunday, June 1, 2008

Young boys enrolled in St. Mary's Academy posing for their picture in 1901.

Bottom Row: Leslie Jones, Allen Loehr, John Green, Donald McDonald, John Shea, John Runchey, Frank Sullivan, William Whatley, Alfred N. Slaggert, James McKittrick.

Middle Row: Hanford Topham, William Jones, Arthur McDonald, Henry Shannon, Earl Laking, Leo Parker, Ernest McDonald, Arthur Schwannecke, Neil O'Brien, Albert Baumgarten, Joseph Brennan.

Top Row: James O'Donnel, Ross McPeak, Ross McDougall, Leo Hendrick, Joseph Hendrick, Percy Topham, Adolph Spring, Hugh Mathewson, Joseph Ryan, Frank Whallan, Francis McDonald, Joseph Sullivan.

Additional Research information on ages of these boys found on the Saginaw Library Online Obituary Index. It was very helpful.


mesc said...

Mary Kretschmer Klein sent me an email:

Hi Mary Ellen- It has been fun checking the SM website-you have done a great job! The picture of the Boys academy tho may have the wrong date. I think a lot of those guys were around my fathers era and dad was born in 1918. Just a thought....Mary

I've double checked the Centennial Book that St. Mary's printed and it says 1901 - it also stated this picture was an original picture of Hanford Topham - so if one of the Tophams could double check this that would be great! Thanks - Mary Ellen

mesc said...

Mary - I researched a bit - Hanford Topham was born in 1894 and Alfred N. Slaggert was born in 1896 - so I think the 1901 year is correct. Mary Ellen