Thursday, June 19, 2008

Saginaw News - Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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girard31 said...

So many great memories in that beat up old building.

The alley between the school and the convent was dubbed "no man's land" by us boys in fourth grade. If one of those rubber balls they gave us for recess went over the wire fence in there, one of us would have to risk the wrath of Sister Beata to go and get it. We figured the greater of the two crimes was losing the ball. We would hop the fence in the back, grab the ball and shoot like a rocket to the front of the building hoping to avoid detection.

Or when they piled up the snow after a storm and we would play "King of the Hill". So many kids would get hurt by being tossed to the cold asphalt from above, the game was eventually banned.

Or those old steel doors that went to the locker room. We had practice at 6am as freshmen, and how the stink of the locker room when you would open that door would wake you up fast.

My older sisters made me so afraid of Sister Anthony, that nothing she could do could possibly live up to the mental image I had created. She turned out to be very nice, just a little senile. A few of us would volunteer to take the trash down to the incinerator with about an hour to go in the day, knowing we could hang out in the halls because she would forget we left the room.