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Class Log - 1954 and Missal Club Minutes - 1957

Steno Notebook class minutes 1954-55 - (6th grade)

The meeting was started at 2:05 p.m. on Dec. 7, 1954, with a Hail Mary by Sister Eileen Marie. Suggestions were made to improve the classroom they were made by Steve S., James K., JoAnn C., Mike E., Mike D., Galord D., Suzzette C., J. Morrison, Kenneth B., Lynn-Ann W., Tom M., Karyl P. and Sister Eileen Marie.

A move was made to have dues but then someone suggested that the people who talk must pay two cents. Half of it would be for the room and the other half for the pagan babies. Sister said she would think about it.

We are to have a Christmas Party in which there will be two plays. The characters were told and the actors chosen. The meeting ended at 2:24 with a Hail Mary by Sister Eileen Marie.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Shea

Steno Book minutes of Missal Club - 1957-58 (9th grade)

The last meeting of the Missal Club was held on October 11, at 9:07 a.m. Mary Ann Snyder presiding. The meeting was opened with a prayer. The first order of business was the treasurer's report. She stated that she had no time to compile the accounts, as she had been collecting dues before the meeting.

Next the Confetior, Gospel and Epistle were read and explained by the following: Gloria Butt, Pat O'Donnel, Karyl Pierce, Jim Shea, Bob Herm, Suzette Cutliff, Terry Connelly, Mary Shinners and Susan Block.

The meeting was about to be closed when the treasurer said that she had compiled the dues. In the treasury there is $1.46. And there were no expenditures and that only two classmates had not paid their dues. The meeting was closed with a prayer at 9:28. Jim Shea

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