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Tuition Increase Letter - 1959

August 20, 1959

Dear Parents:

For almost a century the self-sacrificing efforts of the Sisters have made it possible for us to maintain tuition-free schools. But the number of vocations has not kept pace with the growth of our parishes, and particularly with the increase of our child population. We have had to supplement our school staff with lay teachers. They, too, have shown their readiness to make their share of sacrifice. But they have greater expenses, and must receive more generous compensation. To this increased teaching expense add the rising cost of buildings, equipment, supplies, maintenance services, etc., and you have some idea of the necessity of asking parents to assume some specific responsibility apart from parish support for the cost of their children's Catholic education.

The Most Reverend Bishop some time ago authorized each school to charge tuition on a per-child basis. Here at St. Mary's we shall take advantage of this permission in part only. Not children, but families will pay. The rate will be $50.00 per family for High School, and $20.00 per family for Grade School per year. This is one-half the amount paid by other parishes for their children at St. Mary's. In case of hardship, any indicated adjustment will be made. No child of St. Mary's will be excluded from the parish school because of inability to pay.

Tuition will be paid at the school office. We are anxious to avoid as much bookkeeping expense as possible. One-half year in advance will be due at the beginning of each semester. (Full-year payments, of course, will be accepted.) If such a schedule of payment does not accord with the family budget, monthly payments or some other suitable plan can be arranged. We want to be reasonable; but we also want efficient collection.

We all, parents, teachers, administrators, alike are intensely interested in St. Mary's School. We want an instrument second to none for the education of our children. For this everyone is called to make his willing sacrifice in the ancient tradition of St. Mary's.

Sincerely yours in St. Mary,

Rt. Rev. Harold J. Bolton,

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mesc said...

Still looking through the memory box of my Mom - I'm amazed to find that in the 1964-1965 Student Handbook that tuition prices were NOT increased - it still was $50 for High School and $20 for Grade School per family.