Saturday, May 24, 2008

Room Mothers - 1958

In a report for the end of the year:

....The first combination festival and ice cream social sponsored by both fathers and mothers of the first four grades made a net profit of $325.00. It is interesting to note that this is the first project in Home and School in which husbands and wives participated together, and also the first project with included the entire family. From all reports a good time was had by all and this will undoubtedly become an annual event.

Without room mothers, Home and School could not function. We need and appreciate their help. The job of a room mother could, however, be made easier if more parents, both husbands and wives, would participate and offer their services. The President hopes to start the year with a questionnaire to be sent to all parents asking in which way you can offer your services. Getting acquainted with the parents of your children's classmates will prove beneficial to all. We invite you to join in all the activities and hope to see you next Fall.

Respectfully submitted,
Mrs. Charles F. Shea
Room Mother Chairman
May 15, 1958

A list of room mothers was included:

First Grade - Sr. Yvonne
Room Mother: Mrs. Henry Kurecka
1st and 2nd Grade - Sister Wilma
Room Mother: Mrs. Donald Kilts
Second Grade - Miss Keith
Room Mother: Mrs. Hanaford Topahm
3rd Grade - Sister Genevieve Clare
Room Mother: Mrs. William Boell
Fourth Grade - Mrs. Leslie
Room Mother:Mrs. E. Schreiber
4th & 5th Grades - Sister Olivia
Room Mother: Mrs. D. Potts
Fifth Grade - Miss Johanna Mudd
Room Mother: Mrs. G. Keating
Sixth Grade - Sr. Ann Denise
Room Mother: Mrs. Dom Rocchio
Seventh Grade - Sister Corona
Room Mother: Mrs. J. Goodyear
Eighth Grade - Sr. Marie Emile
Room Mother: Mrs. K. O'Toole
Ninth Grade - Sr. Peter Verona
Room Mother: Mrs. Herbert Abar;
Ninth Grade - Sr. Redempta
Room Mother: Mrs. Milas Gorbett
Tenth Grade - Sr. Ann Lucille
Room Mother: Mrs. Brian Weadock;
Tenth Grade - Sr. Frances Raphael
Room Mother: Mrs. J. Doman
11th Grade - Sr. Aloysius Marie
Room Mother; Mrs. Chas. Raths
12th Grade - Sr. Agnes Clare
Room Mother: Mrs. Ben Mahank

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