Friday, February 22, 2008

First Communion - 1965

My name is Osmond Urivez (Oz or Mondo) as I was called. I would have graduated in 75' at St. Mary's since I went to school there from the 5th grade where class was held at Dalton Hall, to the 10th grade where I had Sister Sam for algebra class. I just happen to get lucky while doing a google search and found this site. What a lucky find.

The attached picture is a communion picture where about half of the kids in the picture graduated from St. Mary's class of 75'. I knew just about everyone in the picture since they were kids that I met or lived in and around the neighborhood. I also am in the picture, but I think it would be fun to see if anyone looking at the picture can pick out who was who way back when.

Some of the names that made it thru are Mark Strong, Nancy Ward, and Jim Sullivan to name a few.

I hope you post this to the web site as it would be interesting to see how many faces are recognized.

The last reunion that was held about 5 years ago I wasn't able to make,
although my oldest brother Oscar and my younger sister Gloria did go and they said they had a blast. I am hoping to go this time around since I would like to get to see some of my friends from years back.

Osmond (Oz or Mondo) Urivez

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Susie Sheltraw said...

Yes, Osmond, that is us....I still have that dress and the shoes. All the girls in the Sheltraw family - and one granddaughter - wore that veil.