Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Cathedral Takes on a New Look - 1978

Over the past year St. Mary Cathedral underwent a renovation. With the cost estimated over the two hundred thousand mark it had a complete overhaul. Wall-to-wall carpeting was laid under new chairs that replaced pews, while a new sound system was also added. A fresh coat of white paint with brown trim blended nicely with the tan carpet and blue chairs. The balcony was lowered several inches and two sets of front stairs provided a pathway up.


Jim Shea said...

Mary Ellen,
Did you steal my 35mm slides of the renovation? I took numerous slides before, during, and after the renovation.

I have one slide taken during the renovation where I climbed up to the top of the scaffolding. Rex Reittenbach (the architect and father of several St. Mary students) went up into the attic of the Cathedral and stuck his leg down through a light port in the ceiling. I will try and find the slide.


Fran said...

I so loved what the church looked like before this renovation.

JustJohn said...

I hope the current renovation will restore traditional, sacred beauty, and an authentically Catholic atmosphere to this once quite orthodox Cathedral.