Friday, April 25, 2008

They Give of Themselves to Inspire, Guide and Help - 1962

Again the Athletic Association members meet to discuss future plans for the athletic banquet and the upcoming picnic. Throughout the year the association sponsors the Cathedral athletic program. Officers are president, Charles Brookins; vice president, Harold Ruckert; treasurer, Leo Novak; secretary, Charles Shea,; and athletic director Father Richard Ratajaczk.

A pleasing personality, cooperation, and reliability are the distinguishing characteristics of Mrs. Wesley Frahm, the school office secretary. These personal qualities have made Mrs. Frahm a friend to both faculty members and students.

Cathedral students benefit from the well balanced nutritional lunches prepared by Miss Ann Floeter, Food Service Supervisor of St. Mary's Cafeteria.

Representative of the many active members of Cathedral's Home and School Association who participated in this year's school projects are (l to r): Mrs. Henry Kurecka, Mrs. Leo Novak, Mrs. Hanford Topham, Jr., president; Mrs. Charles F. Shea, and Mrs. Robert Topham. The association has long been distinguished for its fine spirit of cooperation and a well balanced parent-teacher relationship.


mesc said...

I can say without a doubt - that I have never had a better cherry cobbler than what Miss Floeter made for us.

Remember sitting in class with your tummy rumbling and the coffee urns would start and the cobbler would be baking?


Fran said...

How wonderful to see our folks as young! I remember all those meetings our mothers went to. They were always so dressed up. Our childhood was really surrounded by activities at church. Our dads worked at the football games selling snacks and drinks. We really had a great childhood!!! Love ya all.

Mary said...

The man sitting under Father R. is Tom Kretschmer- all you guys remember the physicals he gave you!

Jim Shea said...

Let's try and identify all of the men in the Athletic Club picture. I think that I know several of them. From left to right across the picture: Jim McGovern, Ernie Fournier, Joe Pfander, ?, Mike Fordney, Leo Novak, Tom Schultz,?, Doc Kretchmer, Charlie Shea, Fr.Ratajaczk, Chet Keeler, Don Melvin,?

I can't seem to find Harold Ruckert. I didn't know Chuck Brookins.