Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Parish Works - 1957

Marion Troester and Sylvia Kenton contribute time and energy to parish work as they run off the weekly Sunday bulletin.

Plans for the Sodality action are made in weekly unit meetings. Clockwise this unit shows J. Kolleth, R. Fedorowicz, G. Morrisette, D. Bieri, R. McIntyre, J. Mahank, R. Cole, R. Brennan, J. Loiselle, R. Novak, and C. Raths.

Active Sodalists perform babysitting duties in Dalton Hall after Masses on Sunday. Typical workers are Sue Potts and Ellen Kay Miller and their charges: Mike, Brenda, and Diane Marshall.

B. Borsenik, S. Sullivan, L. Garske, M. Zak, M. Sladowski prepare for the teaching of Saturday catechism classes.

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