Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alumni Sharing - Fun after School

This blog will be about where you hung out with friends. After school, on the weekends, after the games, or even when you were supposed to be in school!

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mesc said...

Lots of good memories of Downtown Saginaw. Janet Lepeak and I would walk downtown and window shop or drive the sales people crazy by trying on lots of clothes.

I remember using my Aunt Dorothy's credit card at JC Penney's to buy a new outfit for my first high school dance. It was an orange sweater with a cream and orange plaid skirt!

I loved going Downtown - we always had fun.

Mary Ellen

suzystrat said...

My best remembrances are of the neighborhood since i grew up on the same block as the church and school.

Schirmer's Drug Store on the corner where Hazel Haist would always manage to give me a free piece of candy.

Hanging out in the back-backyard of the Thompson house that bordered the convent yard.

Preparing for the Easter candy hunt by bagging 100s of bags of jelly beans and hiding them on Easter morning in the convent yard, all at the request of Msgr. Forbes.

As a musician, I would hang out in the choir loft of the Cathedral. My assignment was to play 6:45 am and 8 am masses on Saturday mornings. I found many ways to entertain myself in the interval between Masses...sleeping was a biggie as well as practicing my cheerleading moves.

Tony's was a great hang out after the games. French fries with gravy...mmmm.

Mary Ellen, perhaps you will remember Diana's Restaurant downtown. That's where I started smoking...with you I believe...and Janet Lepeak scoffing at us both.

Sue Siers Stratton-Radwan, class of 70.

mesc said...

Sue - HAH - wasn't I a very bad influence? And remember, Janet loved to just hold a cigarette - she never smoked but thought it looked cool so she was bad, too.

Yes - I remember Diana's. The first time I went there it was with my sister's best friend, Nancy Breen and my sister Kathy. They were not happy about bringing the little brat with them and they ignored me as much as possible, singing LOUD to the music on the jukebox, flirting with the boys and smoking their cigarettes, too.

Downtown Saginaw was so much fun. So many people walking around, the cop on the beat making sure we didn't jaywalk, the little old lady with all the bags that we called the "Cat Lady!"

I can't believe you did cheerleading in the balcony! Mary Ellen