Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Councils Serve Students in a Variety of Ways - 1973

Student Council, seated: Sandee Packard, Bill Rousseau, Joe Keyes, Lori Sullivan, Sr. Carmelita. Second Row: Cathy Sting, Janey Shea, Linda Zummer, Louie Witchger, Connie James, Paul Keller. Third Row: Dennis Schneider, Willie Young, Rick Dice and Eva Trevino.

Student Council was a great service to Cathedral students and faculty. Through their many hours of work and the patience of theri advisor, Sr. Carmelita, the handbook was revised over the summer of '72 and accepted in February. During the fall the student council helped with the Right-to-Life campaign (Where a large group of Crusaders worked tirelessly against Proposal B which successfully defeated legislation to permit abortion in Michigan.) The Christmas dance-party-singalong was also the result of their efforts, ending the year.

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