Saturday, April 19, 2008

Charles Shea Award

C. Mrozinaki 1963-1964
R. Montcalm 1964-1965
J. Bailie 1965-1966
D. Bittner 1966-1967
R. Looby 1967-1968
J. Hansen 1968-1969
J. Looby 1969-1970
B. Mangold 1970-1971
J. Kelly and B. Sullivan 1971-1972
T. Sullivan 1972-1973
D. Berlin 1973-1974
K. Lilliestierna 1974-1975
J. Kelly 1975-1976
No Award given 1976-1977
M. Meatte 1977-1978
K. Schulte 1978-1979
B. Booker 1979-1980
M. Quinnan 1980-1981
D. Pritchett and G. Jastrzembowski 1981-1982
D. Andrews 1982-1983

Following is a quote from the letter written by John Looby for the election of Charles F. Shea to the Catholic School Hall of Fame:

August 21, 2005

As a high school freshman entering St. Mary High School, I first learned of the Charles Shea Award, which was given each year to one high school senior. Because the award recognized a student for outstanding character and athletic and scholastic achievement, it was considered a great honor to receive it. I was awarded the Charles Shea Award my senior year, and I can honestly say receiving this award meant more to me than being voted First Team, All State, in both the AP and UPI Press Polls. I felt a great sense of pride when receiving this award, and it made me want to live up to the high standards it represented.


girard31 said...

The reason there was no award given in 1977 was because somebody stole some game jerseys from the locker room. It would have been a tight competition.

fbcoach22 said...

I took a lot of pride in being named as the Shea Award winner back in '82-'83. Brings back a lot of great memories!