Friday, April 25, 2008

Building the School - 1921

Memories of Senior Year
As we walked down Hoyt Avenue during the summer months and took notice of our new school, or rather of its frame, we inwardly rejoiced at the thought that it would be impossible to resume our studies before late October or early November; but pupils propose and teachers dispose.

Upon entering school in September, we found the basement of the church, now known as the "catacombs", ready for use. We seniors did not quite know how to act, for glancing backward at the partition of our room made us think we were camping, and looking sideward at the pews on end, would have us believe we were in church, but when our gaze rested upon Sister's desk in the front of the room, we knew only too well we were in school.

Excitement was keen when on a certain Monday morning in early February we were ushered with much pomp and ceremony into our long-desired new quarters. How the clean bright walls dazzled our eyes! How proud we felt to be once more in a real class-room!

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Jim Shea said...

I never saw the pictures of the old school being constructed. Sad to think that it will be back to a vacant lot in the not too distant future.
Jim Shea