Friday, April 25, 2008

All-School Assembly - A Prelude to Halloween - 1967

The junior and senior glee club joined forces under the direction of Sister Louis Ann, music director, to present a Halloween Assembly for the faculty and student body. Folk songs were sung a'la hootenanny; noses were pinned on pumpkins by blindfolded faculty and student competitors; ol' clothes relays were run and won. The entire affair was informal and relaxed. Music was supplied by piano, guitars and drums. Songs that both glee clubs had practiced for weeks were finally heard.

This presentation by the glee club was the second this year. Under Sister's direction, our singers performed for St. Mary's parishioners old and new at our Centennial dinner October 2. The songs were "Processional" and "Far Away Places." The songs' high point of the program was the lovely "Bells of St. Mary's" which invited and received warm and tearful audience participation.


Mlsmich said...

What a great picture..Thanks so much for the memories. I will be seeing you at the Reunion with my Brother and Sisters.
Mary (Rocchio)Szymanski class of 67

mesc said...

Hi Mary - wasn't glee club fun? Can't wait for all of us to get together. Mary Ellen

KAG said...

Who found that picture... what memories! Glee club was the most fun!
Hope to see lots of St. Mary Cathedral Rd Raiders there.
Kitty (Allen) Girard class of 68

mesc said...

Hi Kitty - most of these pictures are from yearbooks. It has been so much fun going through the old yearbooks and finding pictures to scan in to the blog. I can't wait to see everyone at the reunion - Mary Ellen Shea Clifford