Saturday, April 19, 2008

The '80s come in like a Lion - 1980

The school year saw the inevitable end of the '70s and the precarious beginning of the '80s. Hostages in Iran. Soviets in Afghanistan. Women in the draft. A teacher in Lake Placid. The Raiders in Jennison Field House.

As the Labarum went to press, the hostages were approaching 250 days in captivity. The Russian invasion of Afghanistan was the catalyst that brought on the boycott of the summer Olympics in Moscow.

Yearbook advisor Mr. Thomas F. Cole and his wife, Marlene, ventured to Lake Placid for the Winter Olympics and witnessed the U.S. Hockey Team's defeat of Russia in the playoffs. "It was like you were a part of history," commented Mr. Cole upon his return.

With the possibility of the world never witnessing another Olympics of any kind, another possibility surfaced---the return of the draft for women, as well as men. St. Mary's students faced registration upon graduation.

Closer to home, the St. Mary's following urged the Boys' Varsity Basketball Team on to victory after victory until a one point loss to Detroit East Catholic in the semifinals ended a successful season.

The '80s came in like a lion and it remains to be seen if they go out like a lamb.

The Senior class of 1980 was an assortment of different beliefs, ideas and talents. When they arrived in the fall of '76 they were eager to start their high school life, but still a bit scared that they weren't going to be accepted.

From the beginning of their senior year, they showed a unity that not many other classes had. Shouldering the responsibility of their Junior-Senior Prom, they started early to earn money. Hot lunches that weren't all that hot, dances and candy and jewelry sales made up the bulk of their money. All the hard work paid off though, and the prom was a success.

Finally, they made it, their senior year. This was the year that everyone said they would never forget. Right from the start they could tell it was going to be different. They were closer, there were more activities for the class, cards and pictures and addresses were exchanged. Gowns were tired on and graduation parties were planned. The final countdown had begun.

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