Sunday, April 20, 2008

Academic - 1963

Dan Ciszecky, Emil Ognisanti and Jim Keyes check their calculations.

Members James Keyes, Barbara Brown, Mary McIntyre, Judi Schiavone, Pamela Morse, Kathleen Shea, and Mary Hausbeck brief themselves on the rules of the National Honor Society.

To know, love and serve God should be the ultimate in our education. The education we are receiving here at St. Mary Cathedral is the fundamental link in our transformation from youth to adulthood. The education we acquire now will enable us to live a life of love and srvice, not only to God, but also to our coutnry and our fellow man. St. Mary's curriculum presents to us every possible way to prepare for the future. By linking ourselves to God through cultivation of the mind we will be able to conquer any form of tyranny set before us.


Jim Shea said...

Note the slide rules and white sox!
Jim Shea

Fran said...

does any one own a slide rule any more???

Jim Keyes said...

I still have the slide rule in that photo. Couldn't have gotten through calculus at U of D without it.