Friday, March 28, 2008

"We Fly Our Fashion Standards High." - 1950

Above: Joan Porath, attendant; Margaret McGovern, football queen, Kathaleen Green, attendant.

Many years have gone by with many different fashions and styles. Of all these years, 1950 heads the list. In the fall and winter, the faculty of St. Mary's must have blinked their eyes once or twice when they saw the bright plaid jackets of the boys - the bold green and reds - telling the world of their warmth and comfort. Jim Schaefer is wearing one as he admires Jean Robinette's new dark blue ski-suit with its yoke of sky blue.

The feminine charm of St. Mary's lovely young girls was unmistakable as they glided gracefully through spring and winter formals in modest gowns of swishing taffetas, shining satins, regal velvets, romantic lacey nets, and billowing chiffons. Accompanying these beautiful ladies were St. Mary's boys in stunning dark suits and dignified tuxedos. Here are tow of St. Mary's fashion-wise students. Johanna Mudd wears a lovely chiffon formal while Joseph Dashner wears a dark suit.

It was hard to leave winter and its glamor and fun behind but spring came to our school halls. Our smart students were occasionally appearing in their small-checked suits, their lovely flary soft coats of various hues, the smart short hair cuts of the girls looked as neat and pretty as their new suede and kid shoes. The boys too are style-wise in a comfortable, casual way.

The faculty will probably blink their eyes once or twice again, not in surprise but in sadness. For they know that the seniors of St. Mary's were not only fashion-wise and study-wise, but also Christ-wise. They will miss those plaid coats, those fashion-wise students - those seniors of 1950.

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