Sunday, March 30, 2008

An Historic Year in History - 1975

Class of 1975 "We May Never Pass This Way Again"

Our generation has experienced one of the most historic years ever in our country. The uncovering of Watergate and other political scandals brought on the resignation of first our Vice-President and finally the President; a trauma never before encountered by the American people. It was a history-making '74 that the first Michigan President took office. President Gerald Ford entered at a very difficult time, facing the inflationary problems of America. Numerous shortages of all shapes and sizes brought on a rise in prices, such as in gasoline. The shortage of gas started a chain reaction of lay-offs in the big auto-industrial area of Michigan, bringing unemployment up to its highest level. Students returning to St. Mary's for the 1974-75 school year, found new faces in both the faculty and student body. Also a new principal, Sister Margaret Hillary, filled the vacant position left by Sister Roch. The school year brought on challenges, but united the student body and administration worked together to meet the challenges. 1975: It was a very good year.


MrJules said...

Thanks for the memories and all the work and effort to bring us this site. Class of 1975 Julian Holys

mesc said...

Julian - it has been such fun going through all the old yearbooks and putting the site together is fun too. Hope to see you at the reunion - Mary Ellen

Susie Sheltraw said...

Yup - hard to believe we were that young. And what is my problem? I look like I am mad.....must of disrupted my "study hall."