Monday, March 17, 2008

First Student Council - 1941

During the past year a new and broad field was opened to the students of Cathedral High. Student government was inaugurated and put into motion. At the close of last year a general election was held in which fifteen high school students were chosen to make up what is known as Student Council. This group in turn elected officers, choosing Leo Hendrick as president, William Hendrick as vice president, Robert Fettig as treasurer, and Mary Tuhy as secretary. Other members were: Patricia Burns, Frances Ann Hayes, Mary Schneider, Robert McDonald, Dixie Lou Mueller, Patricia Grohman, Charles Heid, Frank Mueller, Jerry McCarty, William Tophman, and Jack Runchey.

Their accomplishments have been few during the past year, but like all permanent organizations, it takes time to develop such a group to a high degree of efficiency. Some projects, such as the direction of school assemblies, enforcement of school regulations, the raising of money for school equipment have been carried out with some degree of success. It is the hope of those in charge of this movement that in a very short time St. Mary's Student Council will be one of the most active in the city.

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