Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dedication - Sr. Mary Yvonne - 1955

This looks like the first graders of the class of 1966 - can you identify the children in this picture? If so - Please leave a comment so we can put names to these faces! (I thought the little boy on the right was my brother Larry, however, he wrote to tell me he never remembers wearing a tie to school!)

Twelve years ago Sister Mary Yvonne, O.P. began her arduous task of laying the foundation of Catholic Citizenship in the minds and hearts of St. Mary Cathedral First Grade pupils. Her broad vision caught glimpses of the truth, loyalty, and cultural beauty that must be woven into the fabric of Catholic civic life. Her genial personality captivated us, and soon "her word was law". Gently, but firmly she trained us to direct our desires and ambitions to things noble and good. Her dynamic professional ability insured our progress; her Marylike zeal fostered ideals of happiness to be found only by participation in the Kingdom of God. Her vision - each of us a virile Catholic citizen in our great American Democracy.

As a tribute of gratitude for her vital concern in Catholic Education, and for her continued interest in our behalf throughout the years, we lovingly dedicate the Labarum, our most treasured remembrance of school days, to Sister Mary Yvonne, our First Grade Teacher.


SevenStone said...

little girl on extreme right is Gayle Weinecke...isn't she a cutie!
and that is coming from her brother.

Anonymous said...

Hi All, I think it's the class of 1967. Ann Kerns, and Steve Potts on the left..ya think????

Mary L. Rocchio Szymanski