Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cathedral Youth Credit Union - 1970

Members of the newly formed Cathedral Credit Union at St. Mary's High School examine their financial statements. In the foreground, left to right, are Celia Schrems, treasurer; Robert Berlin, president. At the head table, left to right Joseph Schneider, vice president; Elinor Tijerina, assistant treasurer, Kathy Bailie, education chairman. On the left side are Margo Phelan and Paul Slaggert of the credit committee and on the right side are Mary Ellen Shea and Mike Haremski, credit committee.

The talents and resources of students are best shown by their involvement in community and school affairs.

From participation in the United Fund Sun Bowl Games to the establishment of their own "Cathedral Youth Credit Union:, the students' enthusiasm abounds and achieves in their many activities.

The Cathedral Youth Credit Union is unique in that it is the second of its kind in the United States. Its purpose is educational - to teach students to make deposits and loans. It is operated under Federal regulations under the direction of Mr. Robert Adams, parish manager, and Mrs. Bette Peterson, faculty member.

For more information on the history of Catholic Federal Credit Union (which started as St. Mary Credit Union click here.


Dennis Leo Patrick Foley said...
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mesc said...

Dennis Foley wrote "Thanks for the post containing the history of the credit union. My parents opened an account for me early on and I've kept it. Proud to say I have an account number that is very low. And when I come to the reunion, I'll stop in and visit my money!!!

Moderator: Original comment deleted because he wrote in his account number - after talking with Mary Clous at the Credit Union she said - TAKE IT OUT! So I did! Mary Ellen