Saturday, March 29, 2008

Advertising - A Sign of the Times - 1974

A snapshot of Saginaw in 1974

Twelve GM plants with 23,0000 General Motors People
St. Mary Cathedral Credit Union - soon to be Catholic Federal Credit Union
Edwards - Keeping up with the times with plaids and flowers
Sullivans - One of our own SMC family restaurants


cedarstreet said...

Check out the muttin' chops on Bobby in the Edwards ad.....that dude was so cool....still is!
Where are all the Sullivan girls?

Lori said...

One of the Sullivan girls here! Hi everybody! Life has been very good to me. My husband & I are living in Ennis, Montana. Gorgeous country! My 3 sisters, brother & Mom are all doing well in Saginaw. Last week Rosanne, Carleen & I got together for the 1st time since 74! Lots of laughs & remembered why we were all friends to begin with. Thanks for all the hard work everybody put into this site. Enjoyed.

Mike Peterson said...


Does anyone know where Jerry Horan is?

Does anyone know how to obtain the films from the 1974 Varsity football season?

Mike Peterson