Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Calling All Volunteers

Both of the All Class Reunions were smashing successes! Everyone had a great time and it was so great to see so many friends again. It would be a good idea to get new people involved in planning the next one. Most of the work is in the year that the reunion will be held. The present committee feels it shouldn't be every FIVE years - so the next one will probably be in four or six years.

If your class will be having a reunion - why not make it the ALL CLASS REUNION? Or if your class isn't having a reunion one of those years - and you have that St. Mary Cathedral High School Class Spirit and you feel the urge to volunteer. Or if you just had a great time and want to help out with the next one......

Call or email Jim Shea today!


America the Beautiful

I received an email from Marc Melvin - class of 1973 - he sent a picture of a clipping from the school newspaper in either 1969 or 1970 when Jim Schaeffer and he were freshmen. It was a project we did for Mr. Kraemer's Civics class.