Saturday, June 21, 2008

Main Corridor of St. Mary High School - 1924

The main Corridor of St. Mary High School in 1924 was bright with sunshine. In the late 60's the area that brought in all that sunshine was remodeled into the school library.

Varsity Basketball 1953-1954

Top: Larry Moriarity, Lloyd Bishop, Rudy Gonzales, Tom Hiser, Pat McCarty
Bottom: Terry McInerney, John Blondin, John Nickodemus, Tom Storey, Tom Schultz, Jim Rocchio

Girls Basketball - 1977

Top: Junior Varsity Basketball Team
Standing: Manager Angie Powe, Assistant Coach Kim Krajkowski, Lori Stoll, Sharon Banasek, Julia Dilas, Adrian Bell, Yolanda Davis, Jackie Floyd, Coach Cyd GaffieldSitting: Kathy Frost, Olivia Soto, Vercie Morris, Chrissy Watkins, Barb Bailie, Beth Witchger, Lisa Carelli

Middle Left: The referee recoils as Beth Witchger goes against an Ubly defender for the jump.

Middle Right: Raiders start another game with a tip won by Marquietta Davis.

Bottom: Varsity Basketball Team
Front: F. Ray, K. Sullivan, J. Colcher, P. Schaeffer, L. SmithBack: Coach K. Krajkowski, M. Meatte, C. Scott, M. Davis, C. Dugan, Mgrs.: T. Schreiber and D. Symons

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Demolition of St. Mary Cathedral High School - 2008

I watched Bierlein Construction Crew begin to tear down our school building this afternoon. I stood with Fr. James Wm. Bessert, the current Rector of the Cathedral, watching the crane struggle with the job. Fr. Bessert mentioned that the crew told him this morning that the building was so well constructed that it would take most of the week to complete the job. The diocese also will put aside a limited number of bricks from the demolition to make available to St. Mary Cathedral School alumni.

I have mixed emotions about the demolition. I know the building had to be torn down but as I watched the crane tear down Sr. Roberta's classroom and the fact that my Mom, Elinor Shea, was the secretary in the grade school the last 20+ years it was in existence, I realized how much the building meant to me.

The building, strong and true, is a true comparison of how I think of the alumni of St. Mary Cathedral High School and all the people that made it possible fo us to attend. We can thank our parents and grandparents for their support and dedication and we can thank the good sisters and priests and wonderfully dedicated lay people that cared so much about us and our faith that they worked for years making St. Mary's a great school.

So even though our school building is being demolished this week, each and every one of us holds the spirit of that school within us. WE ARE ST. MARY'S.