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State Champions - 1923

Top: Lauer and Sullivan
Middle: Guenin, Bothwell, Bender
Bottom: Schrems and Remey

Room Mothers - 1958

In a report for the end of the year:

....The first combination festival and ice cream social sponsored by both fathers and mothers of the first four grades made a net profit of $325.00. It is interesting to note that this is the first project in Home and School in which husbands and wives participated together, and also the first project with included the entire family. From all reports a good time was had by all and this will undoubtedly become an annual event.

Without room mothers, Home and School could not function. We need and appreciate their help. The job of a room mother could, however, be made easier if more parents, both husbands and wives, would participate and offer their services. The President hopes to start the year with a questionnaire to be sent to all parents asking in which way you can offer your services. Getting acquainted with the parents of your children's classmates will prove beneficial to all. We invite you to join in all the activities and hope to see you next Fall.

Respectfully submitted,
Mrs. Charles F. Shea
Room Mother Chairman
May 15, 1958

A list of room mothers was included:

First Grade - Sr. Yvonne
Room Mother: Mrs. Henry Kurecka
1st and 2nd Grade - Sister Wilma
Room Mother: Mrs. Donald Kilts
Second Grade - Miss Keith
Room Mother: Mrs. Hanaford Topahm
3rd Grade - Sister Genevieve Clare
Room Mother: Mrs. William Boell
Fourth Grade - Mrs. Leslie
Room Mother:Mrs. E. Schreiber
4th & 5th Grades - Sister Olivia
Room Mother: Mrs. D. Potts
Fifth Grade - Miss Johanna Mudd
Room Mother: Mrs. G. Keating
Sixth Grade - Sr. Ann Denise
Room Mother: Mrs. Dom Rocchio
Seventh Grade - Sister Corona
Room Mother: Mrs. J. Goodyear
Eighth Grade - Sr. Marie Emile
Room Mother: Mrs. K. O'Toole
Ninth Grade - Sr. Peter Verona
Room Mother: Mrs. Herbert Abar;
Ninth Grade - Sr. Redempta
Room Mother: Mrs. Milas Gorbett
Tenth Grade - Sr. Ann Lucille
Room Mother: Mrs. Brian Weadock;
Tenth Grade - Sr. Frances Raphael
Room Mother: Mrs. J. Doman
11th Grade - Sr. Aloysius Marie
Room Mother; Mrs. Chas. Raths
12th Grade - Sr. Agnes Clare
Room Mother: Mrs. Ben Mahank

St. Mary's Cathedral Centennial Year All Sports Banquet - 1966

The booklet for the All Sports Banquet included a list of Athletic Highlights:

First basketball team, coached and captained by L. Schrems; roster included R. Walsh, F. McGovern, C. McKittrick, J. Dwan, E. Slaggert and H. Schnettler.

First football team, coached by Fr. J. Reardon, J. Blanke was captain; roster included W. Hurley, V. Dente, J. Rau, L. Gage, E. McDonald, C. Schrems, F. Banks, R. McPhilimy, H. Youmans, G. Slaggert and T. Bray. They won the Parochial League Championship.

St. Mary's High School Athletic Association was formed; A.Weadock named first Director of Athletics.

Quarterback D. Bothwell was selected for the All-State Team in football. Under Coach R. Emery, St. Mary's won its first state championship in basketball.

Records Not Available

Fullback J. Kenny was selected for the All-State Team in football; we won the VPL football championship, and were undefeated.

Another undefeated season and VPL football championship. Coach G. McGrath had a '4-D' backfield, Daley-Decorte-Deprekel-Diesler.

Halfback J. Diesler was named All Valley the third year in a row in football. Coach Sam Franz starts his career as our 'winningest' basketball coach. J. Colpean with 244 points became the highest scorer in St. Mary's basketball history.

G. Peruchietti set a new scoring record in basketball with 311 points, and led the team to the VPL title.

Undefeated in football, 5-0-2 and VPL champs.

Sam Franz brought home a State Basketball Championship. The team scoring record was set, as Flint St. Mary's was trounced 103-53.

The 'Maroons' became the 'Red Raiders.'

Guard T. Dodak was selected for the All State Team.

In his first year as football coach, Bill Agresta's team had a 6-2-1 record and were VPL champs. End D. Melvin was selected second team All-State in football.

Sam Franz completed his 18th year as Varsity Basketball Coach and his career at St. Mary's; his overall record was 226 wins and 94 losses.

N. Burnell set a new scoring record in football of 120 points, as he earned a berth on the All-Area first team. In football the 'Red Raiders' were the highest scoring team in the entire area and in school history, outscoring their opponents 272-78. J. Chronowski, perhaps St. Mary's finest basketball player, was named to the All-Area first team.

Time will tell, we wish them well.


Tuition Increase Letter - 1959

August 20, 1959

Dear Parents:

For almost a century the self-sacrificing efforts of the Sisters have made it possible for us to maintain tuition-free schools. But the number of vocations has not kept pace with the growth of our parishes, and particularly with the increase of our child population. We have had to supplement our school staff with lay teachers. They, too, have shown their readiness to make their share of sacrifice. But they have greater expenses, and must receive more generous compensation. To this increased teaching expense add the rising cost of buildings, equipment, supplies, maintenance services, etc., and you have some idea of the necessity of asking parents to assume some specific responsibility apart from parish support for the cost of their children's Catholic education.

The Most Reverend Bishop some time ago authorized each school to charge tuition on a per-child basis. Here at St. Mary's we shall take advantage of this permission in part only. Not children, but families will pay. The rate will be $50.00 per family for High School, and $20.00 per family for Grade School per year. This is one-half the amount paid by other parishes for their children at St. Mary's. In case of hardship, any indicated adjustment will be made. No child of St. Mary's will be excluded from the parish school because of inability to pay.

Tuition will be paid at the school office. We are anxious to avoid as much bookkeeping expense as possible. One-half year in advance will be due at the beginning of each semester. (Full-year payments, of course, will be accepted.) If such a schedule of payment does not accord with the family budget, monthly payments or some other suitable plan can be arranged. We want to be reasonable; but we also want efficient collection.

We all, parents, teachers, administrators, alike are intensely interested in St. Mary's School. We want an instrument second to none for the education of our children. For this everyone is called to make his willing sacrifice in the ancient tradition of St. Mary's.

Sincerely yours in St. Mary,

Rt. Rev. Harold J. Bolton,

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The Original St. Mary Academy - 1878

The original St. Mary Academy, built in 1878 on parish property by the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana. In it were taught young women at the high school level and both boys and girls at the grade school level. The building was razed in 1920.

In an article of the July 30, 1965, Catholic Weekly stated the reason the original Sisters of Providence eventually abandoned their Saginaw missions, St. Mary's in 1907, SS. Peter and Paul in 1909, and St. Andrew's Academy in 1911:

Several reasons are given for their departure. At the time there was a movement to have the schools in the State conducted by Sisters who had motherhouses in Michigan.

In addition, there was a growing demand for coeducation in accord with the public school arrangement. The bishops and pastors were most anxious to have the boys obtain the same schooling advantages as the girls.

The rule of order did not permit it to accept boys beyond the third grade. At the time the community was negotiating for approval of its rule by Rome and the superiors did not think it advisable to make requests at that particular time for further extension to include the teaching of boys.

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Senior Class of 1978

Odell Abraham, Gloria Benway, Carl Bond, Rose Breczkiewicz, Dennis Brown, Ricardo Caceres, Sue Campbell, Jeff Conner, John Delgado, Steve Dise, Kimberley Donalson, Brian Elliot, Steve Foster, Liza Garcia, Margie Gomez, Raul Guzman, Karen Haremski, Burt Holloway, Clinton Johnson, Judd Kelly, Alice Kleinbreil, Kim Knotts, Mirek Kolinko, Vernon Langston, Anne Lazowski, Mary Lentner, Jon Lilliestierns, Mark McEachin, Bruce McKellar, Mary Meatte, Dave Mocny, Randy Montgomery, Jesse Oates, Kenneth Parham, Wendell Parker, Kathy Polzin, Stephan Powell, Daniel Ray, Rebecca Ray, Ann Reittenbach, Debbie Rider, Henry Schaffer, Robert Schliska, Cheryl Scott, Carla Selley, Margaret Seman, Carol Skeltis, Missy Sny, Bill Symons, Jill Thomas, Rachel Urivez, Steve Witchger, Paige Wyman

The Cathedral Takes on a New Look - 1978

Over the past year St. Mary Cathedral underwent a renovation. With the cost estimated over the two hundred thousand mark it had a complete overhaul. Wall-to-wall carpeting was laid under new chairs that replaced pews, while a new sound system was also added. A fresh coat of white paint with brown trim blended nicely with the tan carpet and blue chairs. The balcony was lowered several inches and two sets of front stairs provided a pathway up.

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Monsignor Forbes

Monsignor Forbes loved being in the school - many times you would find him wandering the halls - talking to students and stopping in the classrooms. Sometimes after a game he would show up at Tony's on Weadock Street and buy all the students a burger. In the 1964 yearbook there was this article:

In his short time as pastor of St. Mary Cathedral, Monsignor Forbes has endeared himself to his parishioners by his apostolic zeal. United to his regard for the spiritual welfare of the school and parish is his enduring interest in the material good as well. The school year of 63-64 opened with striking improvements to the school and grounds. Under the direction of the Most Reverend Bishop Woznicki and with the cooperation of the parishioners, Monsignor is now formulating plans for newer and better facilities for the school. Facilities that will be used and appreciated by future generations of Cathedralites.

Catholic Weekly - February 28, 1964

Another article in Buzz Sodeman's yearbook - this time from the Catholic Weekly.

The information in the yearbook about these students is:

Honor is the culmination of effort as proven by the Valedictorian and Salutatorian honors at St. Mary's. Rising together to the apex of their Cathedral career are co-Valedictorians Elaine Dinse and Stella Mudd. Bearing a close second is Salutatorian Tim Murphy. Elaine compiled a 3.68 average; in addition she has served most efficiently as yearbook co-editor, President of the Future Teachers Club, secretary of the Latin Club and a member in the Sodality and Girls Choir simultaneously. Stella, attaining the same average, has managed an impressive battery of activities - from Sodality, forensics, Pep Club and Choir to talented veteran of the Debate scene. Tim, maintaining a 3.66 average, has kept pace with a well-rounded swirl of extra-curricular appointments in the various participant groups besides holding the position of Prefect of the Union Sodality. Membership in National Honor Society and the Scholastic Honor Society have also been awarded to these talented seniors.

Tim McCoy 1891 - 1978

This article cut from the Saginaw News was found in the 1964 yearbook that Buzz Sodeman sent to us.

For more information on Tim McCoy - click on this link to Wikipedia