Saturday, February 2, 2008

Grade School Football

I'm not sure what year this is - but - Donna Quinnan sent it to me in a box I sent to her several years ago! I am now finding treasures to share. Maybe Coach Thelen can figure out what year this is.

Front Row: Joe Sheltraw, Dan Estrada, Tom Schmidt, Kerry, Dennis Andrews, Terry Powe, John Sullivan, Mike Cruz

Middle Row: Coach George Thelen, Rene Fulgencio, Matt Witchger, Terry Gissendanner, Randolph McClaine, Terry Myles, Randy Stoll, Simon Castillo, Eric Scott

Back Row: Jeff Taylor, Isaac Madison, John, Kevin Johnson, John Manning, Andre King


biggredd42 said...

This was either the '76-'77 or '77 - '78 year. I'm #63. Hope to see everyone soon.

biggredd42 said...

I do believe that picture was either the '76 - 77 or '77 - '78 year. I'm #63 in that picture.

DavidJ said...

Next to Dan Estrada in this picture is David Johnston, #20. I think Tom Schmidt was on the team but didn't make this picture.

fbcoach22 said...

We were 8th graders that year, so it must have been '78. I'm #40. Some great memories!