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Who's Who Among the Seniors - 1919

Top: Dante Dente, Francis LaJoie, Francis McGovern, Walter Gase
Middle: Gertrude Sager, Helen Reimann, Walter Logan
Bottom: Marian Lester, Gerald Muir, Alice O'Reilly, Catherine Connelly

Catherine Connelly:
Nickname: Kate
Disposition: Sparkling as the Lakes of Killarney
Favorite Phrase: “I beg your pardon.”
Likes Most: Trying on other people’s clothes
Hates Most: Staying in school free hours
Strong Point: Walking
Ambition: To be taken seriously

Dante Dente:
Nickname: Dinty
Disposition: Fun-Loving
Favorite Phrase: “You don’t say so.”
Likes Most: Getting ads
Hates Most: Lectures
Strong Point: Looking Wise
Ambition: To master French

Walter Gase:
Nickname: Pip
Disposition: Agreeable
Favorite Phrase: “G’wan.”
Likes Most: Physics Class
Hates Most: Doughnuts
Strong Point: Note Books
Ambition: To be a Prof.

Marian Lester:
Nickname: Midge
Disposition: Pleasing
Favorite Phrase: “Listen.”
Hates Most: Latin
Strong Point: Getting out of class
Ambition: To drive a car

Walter Logan:
Nickname: Logie
Disposition: Unassuming
Favorite Phrase: “No, it ain’t”
Likes Most: Exams
Hates Most: Solid Geometry
Strong Point: Contradicting
Ambition: To be an Electrician

Francis La Joie:
Nickname: Eukie
Disposition: Changeable
Favorite Phrase: “Shut up”
Likes Most: Entertaining
Hates Most: Study
Strong Point: Tailored Clothes
Ambition: To Graduate

Francis McGovern:
Nickname: Mickey
Disposition: Jovial
Favorite Phrase: “Go to pieces”
Likes Most: Dances
Hates Most: 1:00 Session
Strong Point: Book Stores?-
Ambition: Time will tell

Gerald Muir:
Nickname: Jerry
Disposition: Scotch
Favorite Phrase: “Gee Whiz”
Likes Most: Newspapers
Hates Most: Staying last period
Strong Point: Cookies
Ambition: To be an Editor

Alice O’Reilly:
Nickname: Bill
Disposition: Sunny
Favorite Phrase: “Got any cake?”
Likes Most: To take her time
Hates Most: Summer
Strong Point: Eating
Ambition: To be a Nurse

Helen Reimann:
Nickname: Pat
Disposition: Congenial
Favorite Phrase: “Lem’me see.”
Likes Most: Music
Hates Most: Reciting
Strong Point: South Saginaw
Ambition: To be a Music Teacher

Gertrude Sager:
Nickname: Gert
Disposition: Excitable
Favorite Phrase: “You don’t mean that.”
Likes Most: To cook
Hates Most: Perry’s
Strong Point: Red
Ambition: To live out West

Compiled by Gertrude L. Sager, ‘19

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