Friday, May 23, 2008

The Original St. Mary Academy - 1878

The original St. Mary Academy, built in 1878 on parish property by the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana. In it were taught young women at the high school level and both boys and girls at the grade school level. The building was razed in 1920.

In an article of the July 30, 1965, Catholic Weekly stated the reason the original Sisters of Providence eventually abandoned their Saginaw missions, St. Mary's in 1907, SS. Peter and Paul in 1909, and St. Andrew's Academy in 1911:

Several reasons are given for their departure. At the time there was a movement to have the schools in the State conducted by Sisters who had motherhouses in Michigan.

In addition, there was a growing demand for coeducation in accord with the public school arrangement. The bishops and pastors were most anxious to have the boys obtain the same schooling advantages as the girls.

The rule of order did not permit it to accept boys beyond the third grade. At the time the community was negotiating for approval of its rule by Rome and the superiors did not think it advisable to make requests at that particular time for further extension to include the teaching of boys.


mesc said...

I found this article with my Mom's box of St. Mary memories. Mary Ellen

maryo said...

Does anybody remember Hoyt School? This photo looks a lot like the photo I have of Hoyt. I wonder if they both had the same builder/designer. Mary O'Brien