Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saginaw East Catholic School - 1983

Mr. Cole distributes American Lit awards to Rene Fulgencio, Archie Tullos, Erika Trevino, Geri Jastrzembowski and Michele Allen.

St. Mary Cathedral was now called Saginaw East Catholic School. The year - 1983.

The new system was a big success for everyone involved. It was a consolidation of three schools, St. Mary's, St. Casimir's and Our Lady Help of Christians. With the new system came many new changes and adjustments. The head administrator of the system is Mrs. Barbara Geary. She was formally the principal for grades one through eight at St. Mary's. She has done an excellent job and felt very positive about the whole thing.

When the three schools were joined as one, it caused many difficulties for the people who lived near one campus and had to go to another. As a solution there was a charter bus service free of charge from one campus to another. Also for a fee, there was a bus that would pick you up at your house.

Grades K through third were placed at St. Casimir. Fourth through sixth at Our Lady Help of Christians. These two campuses were headed by the principal, Sister Marie.

Grades seven through twelve were located at St. Mary. The principal there was Mr. Jack Sochowicz. Also located at St. Mary's was a Day care center. It was directed by Sister Lucy. It was located in the old Acquin hall.

The new system was a great success. With the great efforts of the administrators and everyone involved it was a positive and successful consolidations.

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