Sunday, April 27, 2008

Alumni Sharing - This Teacher Changed My Life in a Positive Way

Here is a blog entry to honor all the teachers that really made a positive impact on our lives - grade school or high school - you can add as many teachers as you want and explain how they made a difference in your life. It's easy to comment - sign in with your email address - create a password - and you are on your way!


mesc said...

Sr. Marie Ida - 8th grade teacher and principal - she was stearn and demanding. Her expectations were very high. I learned so much in her English class. Not just verbs and nouns and adverbs - but great writing exercises that made me want to write more on my own. Writing brings me great joy - and I thank her very much for being a part of that. (I write lots - go see my own blog:

Jim Shea said...

Sister Alexine was my piano teacher from the second grade through the seventh or eighth grade when she was reassigned. Sister Marie Raymond (survivor of the Andrea Dorea sinking) took her position but not her place!

Sister Alexine was a real task master. I am sure that I would have graduated in music if she had stayed.

Jim Shea

Dennis Leo Patrick Foley said...

Several teachers I remember well, particularly Sisters Roberta, Ann Lucille, John Thomas and Louis Ann, and Mr. Agresta and Mr. Kraemer. You knew they cared.

mesc said...

Another teacher gave me one of those "AHA" moments was Sr. Carmelita. Even though I never had a class taught by her!

She was the teacher in my study hall. I was complaining to her one day that I wasn't learning anything in English class and she said that we can all learn something from every class.

About a month later, on March 15th, I walked into study hall and I told her that it was the Ides of March. Her eyebrow went up and she asked me where I learned about the Ides of March.

It was an important lesson for me.

jane said...

Three teachers impacted my life the most:
Sr. Joseph Therese - 6th Grade (in Dalton Hall) (loving, kind, inspiring)

Sr. Carmelita - HS religion - I actually had her as a teacher, Mary Ellen! (a mentor, supportive, got me involved in pro-life activities)

Sr. Karen - 12th grade English teacher (tough teacher, expected a lot, caring)

God bless all the teachers who sacrificed so we could attend such a great school.

Jane (Shea) Noble