Saturday, March 22, 2008

Football Champs - 1944

O'Brien, E. Quinnan, J. Deisler, O'Keefe, Sheltraw, Carson, Lenick, R. Frawley, Fielder, J. Frawley, DeCorte, A. Deisler, Kenny, Ward, W. Quinnan, DePrekel, Phelan, J. Sullivan, W. Sullivan, Daley

For the first time in St. Mary's athletic history one of its football teams went undefeated. Working with a newly formed T-formation, under a new coach, "Johnnie" Sullivan, former St. Mary's star athlete, the mighty Maroons met and crushed all opposition. Equally strong on defence and offense the team piled 167 points against their opponents' 18.

The Maroons attack this year was paced by hard-running Jack Kenny, husky fullback, who was selected as both All-Valley and All-State (class C) fullback. Running behind a powerful line, Jack gained consistently to lead the team in scoring. In the line the mainstays were Captain Ed Quinnan, All-Valley tackle for three years and most valuable player; Willie Quinnan, a fighting end who also mad the All-Valley.

St. Mary 25__________St. James 0
St. Mary 34__________St. Mary's (Flint) 0
St. Mary 63__________St. Joseph's 0
St. Mary 20__________St. Andrew's 18
St. Mary 19__________St. Pete's 0
St. Mary 06__________St. Joseph's 0

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